G2 Research civic duty .380 ACP
(Photo by G2 Research)

G2 Research has expanded its Civic Duty high-expansion self defense ammo line with a new .380 ACP round.

According to the press release, G2’s new .380 ACP Civic Duty round features a pure copper, 69-grain, light weight, low recoil, specialized CNC-machined bullet that moves at 1,250 FPS and, upon impact, instantly expands into six copper petals that measure nearly one inch in diameter. These petals cause more impact pain and create large temporary and permanent wound channels.

The .380, G2 Research says, is often seen as the “red-headed stepchild” of the full power 9mm, despite the fact that—at self defense ranges—it actually performs comparably to that round. The major stumbling point for many has been the .380’s lighter bullet and 100-250 fps velocity drop (depending on the loads). This is where G2’s new .380 ACP Civic Duty round comes in.

Touted as creating 9mm stopping power in a smaller, lower-recoil package, G2 Research says the design of its new .380 ACP Civic Duty round reduces the possibility of through and through shots that harm bystanders; increases the chance that all that bullet energy stays inside the target; and allows for faster, more accurate followup shots as a result of lower recoil.

The new G2 Research .380 ACP Civic Duty round is available at a suggested retail price of $40.99 for a box of 20.

For more information, visit g2rammo.com.

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