Famed motorcycle builder Jesse James has been making inroads into the firearms industry in recent years with his company Jesse James Firearms Unlimited, which offers high-end 1911s, rifles and suppressors. Now, the former “Monster Garage” host and West Coast Choppers founder is teaming up with an Arizona-based company called Ammo, Inc. to offer his own branded ammunition.

There are two lines of Jesse James ammo: Black Label and TML Label. The Black Label line features a 9mm in 115 grain and 124 grain; 10mm and .40 S&W in 180 grain; .45 Auto in 230 grain; and a .223 Rem load. The TML Label, meanwhile, sports 12 different offerings, including .380 auto; 9mm; .40 S&W; .45 Auto; 10mm; .38 Special; .357 Mag; .44 Mag; .45 Colt; 300 Blackout; .223 Rem; and .308 Win.

“When putting my name on a box of Ammo I am only interested in three things. That it’s the absolute highest quality, most accurate, and best value for the customer. Jesse James Ammunition is all three,” Jesse James said in a statement. “I am so proud to be partnering with AMMO Inc. The stars have truly aligned for a successful company. AMMO, Inc. CEO Fred Wagenhals and myself have a partnership going back almost two decades. We both are focused and determined to create the best product possible.”

There’s no word yet on the MSRP for these new offerings, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled.

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