A couple of years ago, Magnum Research introduced a Kryptek finish for two of its limited edition MRI Desert Eagles. The pattern proved to be a hit, so now another company under the Kahr Firearms Group umbrella—Kahr Arms— is making it available on four of its concealed carry pistols. Three of these Kahr Kryptek models are in 9mm and one is in .380 ACP.

The first pistol getting the Kryptek treatment is the Kahr CW9093KRT. This 9mm model sports a 3.6-inch barrel; overall length of 5.9 inches; height of 4.5 inches and a 7+1 capacity. It sports a trigger cocking DAO; lock-breach; “Browning-type” recoil lug; and a passive striker block with no magazine disconnect. Also included on this model is a drift adjustable white 2-dot rear and white-dot pinned in polymer front sight. The Kryptek Camo pattern uses a water transfer method that has been tested successfully for durability. The slide, trigger and slide stop lever all boast a Cerakote Armor Black coating. MSRP for this model is $495.

Next is the CM9093KRT. This 9mm pistol has all the same features as the CW9093KRT, except that the barrel is three inches, the overall length is 5.4 inches, and the height is four inches. The suggested retail price on this one is $499.

The 9mm Kahr CT9093KRT also sports a Kryptek finish with an Armor Black slide. The features on this model are the same as the two above, save for the four-inch barrel; overall length of 6.5 inches and 5.08-inch height. This gun has a $477 MSRP.

Last up is the CW3833KRT. The smallest concealed carry pistol to feature the Kryptek Camo pattern, this .380 ACP model sports a 2.58-inch barrel; overall length of five inches; and a height of 3.9 inches. The slide width is just 0.75 inches. Like the other offerings, it too comes with a white 3-dot sight, 7+1 capacity, seven-pound trigger pull and ships with one magazine. MSRP here is $439.

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