1911 aficionados in the market for a new carry gun should take heed of the Kimber Micro 9. Introduced last year, this 9mm subcompact sports a stainless steel barrel and slide; aluminum frame; single-action trigger with a short, smooth pull; lowered and flared ejection port for perfect ejection; beveled magazine well for fast, positive loading; steel sights mounted in machined dovetails for more durability; and a thumb safety, slide release and magazine release that are all pure 1911 in design. Seeing as how variety is the spice of life, this pistol is available in 10 different variants.

Athlon Outdoors contributor Mike Detty recently took the opportunity to test the accuracy of the Kimber Micro 9 Two-Tone. Here’s a taste of what he says about it in the Spring 2017 issue of “Concealed Carry Handguns”:

“If you’re a 1911 fan but find today’s Officer’s- and Commander-sized pistols a little too big for your needs, the Micro 9 will likely be just right. Its petite size, accuracy and reliability make it a very efficient concealed-carry gun.”

To read Detty’s full review, be sure to pick the Spring 2017 issue of “Concealed Carry Handguns.” To order this magazine online, visit Check out the video below to watch Detty discuss—and rip rounds through— the Kimber Micro 9.

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