Don’t mess with Texas. Or, more specifically, don’t mess with a woman ready to defend her family. That’s the message we’re gleaning from a Facebook video uploaded by Texas mom Maria Luce after she caught a would-be burglar breaking into her home last week.

Luce was passing through the living room of her McKinney, Texas home when she came face-to-face with a masked man entering through a side door. Upon realizing the house wasn’t empty, the intruder quickly fled the scene.

Hours later, Luce filmed a video of herself holding a shotgun while issuing a stern warning to the suspect.

“So, just to make something clear. To the kid who broke into my home tonight: I’m not sure that you know what this is, but I am locked and loaded,” she said. “And by the way, thank you for leaving all the evidence behind. Because guess what? You were on camera, breaking into our home.”

“And you’re so smart that you left your fingerprints everywhere for the McKinney PD to now have them,” she added. “We have inside cameras, and we have outside cameras.”

“You won’t do it again. We will find you. Don’t mess with my home,” she finished. “It was not smart on your part young man, you committed a felony and you will be found. Period.”

In the Facebook post accompanying the video, Luce wrote in part:

“Be glad I didn’t have this shotgun in my hand when I came face to face with you. I can guarantee the winner and outcome on that. And this-all for tennis shoes?!?! All McKinney middle school parents -be aware if this is your child -he’s in VERY SERIOUS TROUBLE. Spread the word around. I. Am. Not. Kidding. When. It. Comes. To. The. Safety. Of. My. Family. And. My Home. YOU SCREWED WITH THE WRONG PERSON.”

Luce told NBC DFW she believes the intruder was looking for expensive new “Yeezy” sneakers made by rapper Kanye West. Her 14-year-old son bought five pairs of Adidas Yeezy Boost 350s when they came out last weekend. Their retail price is around $220, but they resell online for about $650. Her son posted ads for the Yeezy shoes on social media, which she thinks prompted the attempted burglary.

Luce—whose 12-year-old twins were upstairs at the time of the break-in—caught some flak for posting the video, but she doesn’t regret doing it.

“You come face to mask with an intruder in your home, with your children upstairs, and you tell me what you would do? I don’t regret one bit what I did and I will protect my family and children to the nth degree,” she said.

WFAA reports that police arrested a juvenile suspect who confessed to the break-in on Wednesday. He’s been booked into the Collin County Juvenile Detention Center and charged with burglary.

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