mec-gar second amendment 1911 magazine
(Photo by Mec-Gar USA)

Connecticut-based magazine manufacturer Mec-Gar USA has added a cool new specialty item to its product line: an eight-round .45 ACP 1911 magazine with the text of the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment laser engraved on the body.

Manufactured from carbon steel and heat treated for strength with a blued coating, this special new Mec-Gar USA 1911 mag features a Type D music wire spring; removable high-impact polymer baseplate for ease of cleaning; lubricated nylon polymer follower with a metal insert where the slide stop activates, aligning ammo for reliable feeding; and numbered witness holes so you know how many rounds are remaining.

“We have always been strong supporters of the right of people to own and possess firearms. We are offering this magazine because we see the 1911 as America’s gun and are donating a portion of the proceeds to ensure second amendment rights are protected,” said David Larson, Mec-Gar USA’s national sales manager.

Specifically, the press release says 10 percent of the proceeds go to pro-2A organizations, but details on which ones were chosen aren’t listed.

Mec-Gar USA’s laser engraved 1911 magazine is available at a retail price of $29.20 and is available right now.

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