HIVIZ Litewave Kimber 1911 sight
(Photo by HIVIZ)

Wyoming-based firearm sights and accessories maker HIVIZ Shooting Systems is broadening its line of HIVIZ LiteWave handgun sights with a new model for those of you looking to upgrade the rear sight on your Kimber 1911 pistol.

Like the other durable HIVIZ LiteWave sights, this new Kimber 1911 pistol option boasts an all-metal construction with an exoskeleton frame and HIVIZ’s interchangeable LitePipe system which lets you quickly and easily change the sight color for a custom sight picture that works for you. The LitePipes measure 0.078 inches in diameter; come in green, red and black options; and offer visibility in most light conditions. When paired with HIVIZ’s LiteWave front sight for the Kimber 1911, you’ll get an insanely bright and durable sight combination that’ll get the job done in any situation.

This latest HIVIZ LiteWave sight—which also has a 0.140-inch wide notch and comes with a limited lifetime warranty—is designed to work with all Kimber 1911 pistol models. It does not fit any Kimber Micro or Solo models. In addition to Kimber, HIVIZ also offers LiteWave sights for Ruger, Sig Sauer, Glock, Heckler & Koch, CZ, Springfield Armory and Smith & Wesson handguns.

MSRP for this sight is $55.95. 

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