We like new guns, especially the weirder ones. And the Hudson Manufacturing H9 definitely fits that bill because it’s an unusual-looking striker-fired 9mm that takes several cues from the storied 1911—America’s favorite handgun.

Look closely at the grip frame. You can’t help but see the 1911 resemblance, and with it comes a low bore axis to reduce muzzle rise. The trigger is the star of the show, however. It’s crisp with a smooth, straight pull, a short reset and an integral safety. And yet this blade-style safety won’t pinch your finger after a long range session.

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The H9’s other features are a bit more common, including front and rear slide serrations, a dust-cover rail and ambidextrous controls. Thumb safeties can also be added. What’s not to like?

MSRP comes in at $1,147. For more information, please visit

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