If you’re going to learn how to become a better shooter, why not learn from the best? And make no mistake, Kyle Harth belongs in that category. A United States Army veteran with four years as an Infantryman and fourteen years in Special Forces under his belt, Harth did multiple combat tours in operational, instructional and advisory roles in Europe, the Caribbean, Afghanistan and Iraq. After leaving the service, he took on high-risk domestic clients as a private contractor and provided shipboard security to vessels in the Middle East.

As if that wasn’t enough, Kyle also has experience as an instructor with the Florida Counterdrug Training Academy, the Federal Law Enforcement Center and other training facilities. He’s spent nearly two decades providing firearms instruction to military, law enforcement and private clients. In other words, this guy knows what he’s talking about.

In the clip above, courtesy of Panteao Productions—where he is an instructor—Kyle Harth discusses the ins and outs of dressing your targets to make them look more realistic, as well as the implications that has for your shooting.

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