There’s a new Glock pistol enhancement on the block, and it comes courtesy of Idaho-based Lone Wolf Distributors.

Part of the company’s “AlphaWolf” family of pistol components launched in 2015, the new 9mm Stainless Steel LCI extractor is machined from certified 17-4 stainless steel billet and polished for optimum performance and reliability, the press release says. The extractor is designed to deliver less friction and smoother extraction, and was put through a rigorous testing process that involved dropping the slide on a loaded chamber over a thousand times. The result is an extractor that runs “flawlessly” with no damage, according to the company.

“Glock extractors have been known to fail after closing the slide on a loaded chamber after only one time,” Lone Wolf says.

The new 9mm Stainless Steel LCI extractor fits all Gen3 & Gen4 9mm and G25 and G28 (.380) Glock models, but it doesn’t fit the G42 or G43. Confident that this new extractor is “superior to the original Glock factory MIM (Metal Injection Molding) component in every way,” Lone Wolf is making it available for $34.95.

For more information about Lone Wolf Distributors, which has offered pistol enhancements for personal defense, competition, hunting and enthusiast applications for over two decades, visit

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