At the beginning of the year, Magnum Research released its combo caliber package for the Desert Eagle, which lets users quickly swap out a .44 Magnum caliber barrel and magazine for a .50 AE barrel and accompanying magazine, should he or she suddenly feel the urge to launch .50 AE rounds downrange.

The combo caliber package includes a Desert Eagle Mark XIX with a .44 Magnum caliber six-inch barrel; OA length of 10.75 inches; a slide width of 1.25 inches and a height of 6.25 inches. The steel-framed pistol has a black oxide finish and a combat-type fixed sight. Also included here is the .50 AE caliber barrel, which also sports a black finish, as well as the .50 AE magazine. The suggested retail price for this three-piece package, which marks the first time Magnum Research has offered the .44 magnum and .50 AE calibers in one gun case, is $1949.

With this in mind, we had Athlon Outdoors Contributor Mike Detty test out the Magnum Research combo caliber package. Here’s what he had to say about it:

“Shooting a Desert Eagle is one hell of an experience! The wrist-wrenching recoil, the huge ball of flame and the ample muzzle blast are enough to induce flinching in even the most experienced shooter. But I discovered it really isn’t a painful gun to fire, and the more I shot it, the less bothered I was by the muzzle lift and blast. With some practice, I was able to double-tap steel targets at 15 yards. Don’t believe me? Hit play and see for yourself.”

Far be it for us to argue with Mr. Detty. Follow his advice and watch the video below. See his full review in the September/October issue of “Combat Handguns.” To order a copy of that magazine, visit

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