Safariland is continuing the momentum of its Pro-Fit holster series with a new offering specifically designed for subcompact, single-stack pistols: the Model 571 GLS Pro-Fit Concealment Holster.

The Model 517 GLS Pro-Fit features Safariland’s compact micro paddle design, which includes a locking feature with a hook that slides under the bottom of the belt to ensure the holster is secure. The holster also uses the same three-hole pattern seen on other Safariland models to enable all belt mount options in the Safariland lineup, including the larger standard paddle.

Meanwhile, the GLS (Grip Lock System) technology automatically holds the handgun in place. Its release is intuitive with a proper shooting grip; when drawing, your middle finger rests on the GLS locking mechanism, and the gun is released when you complete a straight-up draw out of the holster, Safariland says. GLS models have low-cut sides, making it ideal for concealment, speed and re-holstering.

“The Model 571 Pro-Fit holster meets the increasing demand for holsters to fit popular, smaller guns,” said James Dawson, category director for Duty Gear at Safariland. “Designed to be extremely slender, the holster is still rugged and protective. Our GLS technology provides secure retention in an open-top holster. The new micro paddle shares the same benefits that our standard paddle has, but in a much smaller package.”

The Model 571 GLS Pro-Fit is available for the Glock 43; Springfield XDS 9mm, .40 and .45; and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm, .40 and .45.

The holster is touted as being small yet rugged, boasting a body constructed of SafariSeven Dupont nylon blend material which is completely non-abrasive to the gun’s finish. It’ll also withstand extreme high and low temperatures, is easy to maintain and is available in a SafariSeven plain black finish. MSRP is $50.

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