Panteao Productions boasts an impressive stable of top-shelf talent in its instructional videos. Case in point: Wes Doss. A renowned firearms, tactics and use of force instructor, Wes comes with over three decades of military and law enforcement experience, including—according to his Panteao bio—considerable time spent with military and law enforcement tactical operations and protection service organizations. Wes has used his knowledge gleaned over the course of years to teach training techniques that get the job done in real-world scenarios.

In the video above, Wes—who also founded the training, research and consulting firm Khyber Interactive Associates and serves as lead trainer for the Lights Sights Lasers US Tour—breaks down why standard sight acquisition isn’t entirely necessary for achieving decent to substantial center mass hits on target in extreme CQB encounters.

“It’s all about doing things the same way,” Wes explains in the clip. “My grip is always the same, my upper body is always doing the same thing, and my eyes are where I want to see destruction happen on that target.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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