If you’re a shotgun fan and you’re ready to throw down some serious—and we do mean serious—coin on something exquisite, the new Browning B15 Beauchamp over/under shotgun is definitely something you should look into.

According to the presser, the Browning B15 Beauchamp is part of the super-high-end John M. Browning Collection. At its heart is the new B15 locking system and technical features shared with the legendary B25, which was designed by John Browning  and built by Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal in 1925. New elements on this over/under include a low-profile receiver, performance enhancing mechanical triggers, back-bored Vector-Pro barrels and Invector-DS choke tubes.

The company says the “storied gunsmiths of Fabrique Nationale d’ Herstal” will enhance each new B15 Beauchamp, meaning that “owners of the new shotgun can expect balance and reliability from precision engineering plus the finest of aesthetic finishes.”

Simply put, this gun is a thing of beauty.

The Browning B15 Beauchamp will be available in four different versions with a choice of engravings and wood grades. Different buttplates and forearm styles are also available in four grades of the B15.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you, but the Grade B Browning B15 Beauchamp has a suggested retail price of $12,999. The Grade C version is priced at $15,499. The Grade D model will retail for $17,999, while the Grade E gun runs you $20,499.

It’s expensive (to put it mildly), but then again, you’re paying for insane quality and exquisite beauty here. Check out the video below for a video on the John M. Browning Collection.

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