Crimson Trace is offering shooters two new Laserguard laser sight options for the Ruger LCP II: the LG-497, which sports a red laser diode, and the LG-497G with a green laser diode.

Designed to boost the defensive capabilities of the LCP II, these Laserguards clamp around the triggerguard for easy installation in mere moments, with no firearm mods necessary. The laser sights are factory sighted at 50′ and are fully user-adjustable for windage and elevation using the provided tool, the company says. A master on/off switch is also included.

Rounding out the features on these models is a unique stripling to match parts of the LCP II pistol grip, as well as the Crimson Trace logo which is prominently displayed on each side of the laser sight’s front section. Both lasers are powered by one 1/3N lithium battery. The LG-497 has a battery life of over four hours, while the LG-497G’s battery life is over two hours.

Similar to other Crimson Trace Laserguards, the LG-497 and LG-497G both feature the company’s proprietary Instant Activation technology, which is designed to activate the laser when the user holds the LCP II with a normal firing grip and is ready to rock.

“The Crimson Trace Laserguard sights fit and functioned intuitively on the Ruger LCP II pistol,” said Athlon Outdoors writer Jay Pinsky, who was introduced to the new lasers at a Crimson Trace shooting event in Bozeman, Mt. “The ability to use and see a quality laser, especially in low-light or even a no-light situations where defensive handgun use can often occur, should give shooters a lot more confidence in their shot placement for what might be the most important shot of their lives.”

The MSRP for the LG-497 is $229. The LG-497G is priced at $309, while a special option that pares ships these models with a TUFF Products pocket holster is available for $239 for the standard red diode version, and $329 for the green version.

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