daltech bullbelt gun belt

A well-made gun belt will support the holster and the handgun, help retain the holster in the preferred location and provide a certain level of comfort. A belt that is too thin, too narrow, made of inferior materials or exhibits poor construction will not satisfy these elements. You can’t just take any old belt and call it a gun belt and use it as such. Recently, I became aware of a company called Daltech Force, which produces the heavy-duty Daltech Bullbelt.

Daltech sent me one of its “Super Stiff” Bullbelts, and I can attest to the fact that it’s aptly named. Originally designed for an executive security team, this belt will not sag, fold over or stretch. My test belt was made from top-grain bull hide with double-layer construction and lock stitching. The belt is 0.29 inches thick and 1.5 inches wide. The edges of the belt are rounded and hand-dyed, plus the belt has seven oval-shaped holes for optimal adjustments.

This belt has a roller-type buckle that is held on by Chicago screws that allow it to be replaced. The “secret ingredient” is the stiffener inside the belt; it is made from a metal alloy material, not a plastic or polymer. It bends but won’t break. It runs the length of the belt but stops just before the belt holes to allow the wearer to buckle up tight. The Bullbelt comes in back or brown, and customers can also pick the width and buckle type.

I also had Daltech send me one of its high-ride, open-top pancake holsters for my HK P2000. It was also made of first-class materials like the Bullbelt. I put the two together and wore this outfit around for several days, and I’ll tell you this: It is probably the most comfortable belt/holster combo I’ve ever worn. The comfort comes from the support the belt provides, and you can still draw quickly without worrying about the holster riding up at the same time.

For more information about the Daltech Bullbelt, visit daltechforce.com.

This article was originally published in “Combat Handguns” July/August 2017. To order a copy, visit outdoorgroupstore.com.

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