Everyday Carry (EDC) is currently the fastest growing segment of the firearms industry.

EDC gives the common man a solid stake in the first line of defense of our homeland. When I hear the term “first responders,” I think of private citizens, not cops. As a former cop, I can assure you, seldom did we ever arrive in time to stop anything. That’s our jobs as citizens. If you think I’m wrong, read your Bible, where you’ll find the same moral precepts our founding fathers wrote into the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Our homeland is our collective responsibility to protect.

For the past 15 years, the tactical industry has propagated an agenda that states that unless you’re a Tier One operator, you’re a nobody. Allow me to disabuse you of the notion that you’re somehow less because you’re “just a regular guy.” Tier One operators are doing their jobs over there. We need to be Tier One Citizens (T1Cs) and do our jobs over here. Rest assured that there truly are some T1Cs among us. Some of us are former law enforcement and military, but an even larger number are guys and gals of common origins. Remember that our founding fathers were farmers, surveyors and blacksmiths, and they truly were Tier One citizens, so don’t despair because you’re just a “regular guy.”

Each of us is going to have to come to grips with what works for us as a T1C. The gear in the gallery above is what I’ve chosen as my go-to everyday carry setup. I hope you can build off of these precepts and make the T1C lifestyle your own. Get those guns out and practice.

This article was originally published in ‘Personal & Home Defense’ Spring 2017. To order a copy, please visit

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