Any day we get a chance to check in with Robert Keller is a good day. After all, he’s not only a Special Operations legend, he’s also a renowned instructor and the founder and CEO of the Florida-based Gamut Resolutions training company. Suffice it to say his word carries a lot of weight with us over here at In the clip above, Keller demonstrates a simple immediate action pistol drill that could save your life.

Immediate action refers to the action you take immediately after your pistol suffers a malfunction during a self defense situation, or, as Keller puts it in his inimitable style:

“If you only have a pistol on you and you’re actually engaging a threat, and your weapon goes ‘click’ and you don’t do anything…you’re dead.”

Diligently practicing an immediate action pistol drill like the one Keller shows in this video will help to ensure that you’re never on the losing end of a lethal encounter.

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