Most people start out shooting paper targets. But the day you discover steel targets, you realize how much you’ve been missing out on and how much more enjoyable shooting can be. After all, steel targets give you instant feedback, you don’t have to worry about taping them up or having them blow away in the wind, and you can do “man-on-man” competitions and easily determine the best shooter.

LV Steel Targets

A number of steel target manufacturers have popped up recently, making it easier than ever for the average gun owner to shoot steel. One of these companies is LV Steel Targets based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I had the pleasure to shoot the company’s “Bad Guy with Hostage and Hole in the Chest” target. This target is a human silhouette with two heads side by side. The bad guy’s head swings from side to side when hit. It also includes a round 6-inch plate in the middle of the silhouette that swings back when struck. Shooting this target is a lot of fun, and it’s made of AR500 steel, so it should last you thousands upon thousands of rounds.

Magnum Target

Another target manufacturer is Magnum Target based out of Arkansas. I have two of the company’s hanger targets, which are 8-inch round plates made of AR500 steel. To hang these plates, I simply use a shepherd’s hook that you can buy at your local hardware store, and they cost about $15 each. A good exercise is to put these plates about 3 yards apart and practice quickly engaging multiple threats. You can also do the “man-on-man” competitions I mentioned earlier to see who can hit their steel plate first. Overall, I’m impressed with these targets, and I look forward to years of fun ahead.

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