There’s a new aftermarket Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory upgrade on the block: the hiveGrip, a wraparound rubber grip developed by Tandemkross.

While the SW22 Victory is a popular choice for competitive shooters, its factory grip can be a challenge for those same competitors who require a better purchase on the pistol when dealing with rain, sweat or gloves. That’s where the hiveGrip comes in.

The hiveGrip is touted by Tandemkross as being flexible, yet durable, with an aggressively textured surface for enhanced purchase and control. It sports defined, ergonomic finger grooves that allow for better hand placement, resulting in more accurate shooting. Its slim, low-profile design makes it an ideal fit for any user.

Made from a patented impact and vibration dampening material, the wraparound hiveGrip is easily installed and removed for cleaning and maintenance.

We’re proud to be able to release the “hiveGrip” for the SW22® Victory™,” Tandemkross Product Development Director Jake Wyman said in a statement. “The unique design of the wraparound grip for this pistol was exciting to produce but we are very happy with the results.”

The hiveGrip is available  in either solid black for $39.99, or black with red accents at $44.99.

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