When training in the combative application of the handgun it’s crucial to understand that target fixation is a real thing and must be recognized as such. To recognize it is to acknowledge that it exists. This flies in the face of the theorists that staunchly teach that you must watch your front sight only.

When someone is trying to kill you, the chances of you only being able to watch your front sight is slim to none. So how do you combat target fixation? By training to only glance at your sights for as long as is needed to get a flash sight picture.

In the “Near Far Near” drill, I set up a pair of rubber dummies at 5 yards and a trio of 6-inch steel plates at roughly 15 yards. There’s no real distance that is needed for this drill. Don’t feel the need to be bound to a given distance just set up a drill that works for you. I’m just after enough of a challenge so that the skill set requires work as opposed to just being a fun run.

The small targets require me to pause just long enough to get a flash sight picture. However, the larger targets allow me to quickly superimpose the front sight post squarely on its chest and pull the trigger. The follow-up shots are done quickly as I watch the first hit and repeat that action as faithfully as possible.

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