The last time we checked in with Tony Blauer, he gave us a few tips on how to become a better gunfighter. In this clip, the renowned creator of the world-famous SPEAR system for self defense discusses—in explicit language—how to find your motivation to train as much as you can for potential threats. Essentially, Blauer recommends asking yourself this: What will it cost you if you don’t fight back?

In order to answer that question, Blauer says you should apply what he terms the “three P’s”: personal, passionate and present. In other words, if you’re on the ground getting pummeled by a bad guy, you want to think about something that triggers you to fight back.

“The movements of how you get out of the fight are going to be accidental, or incidental, to your victory. If you don’t have an emotional reason to get back in the fight, you might have a problem,” Blauer says.

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