Walther has updated its P22 pistol with the release of the new P22QD. This model sports an added de-cocking safety, updated safety markings from ‘S’ and ‘F’ to a traditional red dot, and a fully-captured recoil spring.

The new safety system prevents the pistol from being cocked with the safety on. If the gun is cocked and then the safety lever is moved to the safe position, the hammer will let down, de-cocking the pistol. When you’re ready to fire, the safety lever can be moved into the fire position, and then you simply pull the trigger to fire the chambered round.

Chambered in .22 LR, the P22QD features a 3.42-inch barrel; single action/double action trigger; manual safety; overall length of 6.3 inches; height of 4.5 inches; width of 1.1 inches; and weighs 17 ounces empty. It also includes a 10-round magazine capacity.

As the press release notes, every P22 is capable of being converted to a threaded barrel with an aftermarket adapter that adapts the M8x.075 barrel to 1/2″x28 threads for a suppressor. This makes the P22 one of the most popular suppressed pistols out there right now.

The company says the California-compliant P22 models will remain unchanged.

The MSRP for the P22QD isn’t listed in the press release, but we’re guessing it’ll be around the same as the P22.

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