Ariel Winter gets just as much attention for her social media presence as she does for her work in television and film, so when the 19-year-old actress posed with guns in a pair of pics posted to her Instagram account, fans and detractors alike took note.

The “Modern Family” star recently went to the Los Angeles Gun Club, where, according to ET Online, she fired multiple weapons and received her Firearm Safety Certificate. She celebrated the event by sharing two gun-toting photos on Instagram, with the caption reading, “Prepping for the zombie apocalypse, obviously…”

The reaction to the photos was largely positive.

“So refreshing to see a young famous woman who understands guns and the importance they play in personal protection,” one user said.

“Good to see you practicing at the range. Women trained to use and respect firearms equalizes the playing field and strengthens the Second Amendment!” another user added.

But not everyone was jazzed about seeing Winter posing with firearms.

“Thought you were a proper human that was against guns. Apparently not,” one user commented.

“But as soon as a shooting happens, guns are evil right? Hypocrite” somebody else said.

Winter also posted about getting her Firearms Safety Certificate on her Twitter account.

Not content with Twitter and Instagram, Winter also documented her range experience on Snapchat, sharing photos of her actual FSC, sending rounds downrange and licking a magazine (yes, you read that right). You can see those photos, along with the Instagram pics, above.

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