The Pennsylvania-based Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office is calling out a concealed carry scam website.

Resident reports alerted the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office to site, identified as The site claims it will assist residents in “obtaining a concealed handgun permit application”

“This website is a SCAM. Individuals cannot apply for their Pennsylvania license to carry firearms over the Internet,” the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office posted on its Facebook page. “Citizens must directly visit the county in which they reside to apply for a concealed carry permit.”

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“Third party facilitators are not utilized in the Pennsylvania license to carry firearms application process,” the post continues. “The public is advised against providing personal data or credit card information to any website or third party claiming to issue or expedite firearms licenses.”

Other states listed on the concealed carry spam website in addition to Pennsylvania are Florida, Louisiana, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office is urging residents with questions about Pennsylvania carry licenses to call the ACSO number at (412) 350-4700.

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