Firefield has introduced two reflex sights that offer quick target acquisition: the Firefield Impact and Impact Duo.

According to the press release, these sights combine the speed of both-eyes-open shooting with a parallax corrected lens system, making them a great option for close-quarters shooting and mid-range hunting scenarios. They’re also customizable with multiple reticles, and they each boast a durable design that makes them shockproof. The aluminum/polymer construction helps with these sights’  IP55 water resistant rating.

The Firefield Impact’s wide angle lens allows for a large field of view to help shooters stay aware of their surroundings, while the extended battery life of up to 200 hours gives the end user confidence that their sight will get the job done. The Firefield Impact Duo sports all the bells and whistles of the standard Impact, but it comes with a 5mW laser to help you get on target faster.

These reflex sights were designed for MSR platforms and shotguns and are capable of handling recoil from .308 rifles and 12-gauge shotguns, the company says. Both come with a lens cover, adjustment tool and a single CR2032 battery.

The Firefield Impact is available at a MSRP of $49.97, while the Impact Duo is priced at $95.99.

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