The idea of a folding gun is nothing new, but the execution of such an idea is the tricky part. Queue the all-new “Folding Glock.”

Developed by manufacturer Full Conceal, the Folding Glock 19 — referred to as the M3 Configuration — adds proprietary folding hinges and a folding trigger to the G19. Full Conceal says, “all other working internals of the pistol are still original brand factory.”

Full Conceal’s folding configuration allows for large capacity magazine with 21 rounds, plus one in the chamber. The magazine stores the entire length of the slide, “while allows for quick deployment of the pistol with one swift motion.”

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The company claims that the M3 Configuration has the footprint of an iPhone 7 Plus. Additional features including an engineered trigger safety when folded and a full sight radius and grip when deployed.

Full Conceal plans to release a folding Glock 43 in the near future.

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The M3 Glock 19 has an MSRP of $1,199 and is available now.

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