It was only a matter of time before holster makers rolled out fits for the new Glock Gen5 pistols, with the first company to get in on the action being Safariland and its Bianchi brand.

Working closely with Glock, Safariland and Bianchi are now offering a variety of holsters for the Glock Gen5, from Safariland’s traditional thermal formed holsters, the 7TS collection and the GLS Pro-Fit series to Bianchi’s premium leather holsters.

“We’re pleased to quickly release several new holster fits for the new Glock Gen5,” said James Dawson, the category director for Safariland Duty Gear. “Finding an available holster when purchasing a new gun is sometimes difficult for consumers and we worked closely with Glock to make sure our holsters were ready when the new Gen5 pistols were released.”

In the press release, Safariland says all current mag pouches and Bianchi holsters fit the new Glock pistols, with the tooling on some older, popular holsters being revised to fit the new Gen5.

The 7TS holsters come in open-top with ALS retention for the 7390, SLS retention for the 7280 and ALS/SLS retention for the 7360. Tactical variants also come in any combo with or without light.

If you’re looking for an open-top concealment holster, the GLS Pro-Fit Model 578 and IWB Model 575 are also available for the Glock Gen5. With a retention lever on the top of the holster, the gun is released by the middle finger as the user takes a normal firing grip on the gun for an easy and natural draw. When reholstered, the gun securely locks into place.

Both the 7TS and GLS models are made of Safariland’s proprietary SafariSeven material, which is a DuPont nylon blend resistant to elements like heat, colt or water. Additionally, it’s scratch-resistant and won’t damage the gun’s finish.

Also available for the new Glock Gen5 pistols are several holsters in the Bianchi brand. These premium-grade models are made of full-grain leather and AccuMold 1000-denier ballistic weave fabric. Traditional leather offerings include open-top and thumb snap belt models, a paddle model and the compact Foldaway holster that rides on the belt when the holster is removed. In all-weather ballistic weave, users can also choose the Model 4584 Evader with FingerLok retention, the AccuMold 7001 Thumbsnap and the AccuMold 7120 Defender duty holster.

In addition to all this, Safariland says it’s working on more fits for Glock Gen5 pistols, including the Model 18, 1051, 1053, 6378, 070, 0705, 200/202, 2005, 6280 series non-light and 6004 series non-light in October.

To see a full list of the current holster availability for the Glock Gen5 pistols, click here.

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