The Springfield EMP 4-inch Concealed Carry Contour pistol is now available in .40 S&W.

Introduced at the beginning of the year, the Springfield EMP family boasts concealed carry proportions in a slim, single-stack design; short action; and ergonomic features. The press release hypes up the grip frame’s reduced dimensions. Because the pistol was originally designed around the 9mm cartridge, Springfield’s engineers were able to reduce the diameter and front-to-rear dimensions of the grip frame by .26 and .14 inches, respectively.

In all, the company says nine different components were redesigned to produce the Springfield EMP. Those components include the frame, slide, extractor, trigger bow, trigger mechanism, firing pin, firing pin spring, plunger tube and spring.

This particular version of the EMP features a concealed carry contour design. In essence, the heel and mainspring housing of the grip frame have been rounded off, making it more concealable, due to the fact that it removes the part of the grip that usually prints through clothing. A contoured grip is usually a custom job that can cost as much as $225, but Springfield’s production contour costs half that price.

The Springfield EMP 4″ Concealed Carry Contour also has the same bells and whistles as the other offerings in the EMP line. The satin finish 416 stainless steel slide boasts rear cocking serrations and a 3-dot sight system that includes a red fiber-optic front and white-dot rear sight. Also, the four-inch stainless steel match-grade bushing-less bull barrel features a fully supported ramp.

The .40 S&W version of this pistol sports a carbon steel frame—as opposed to the 9mm’s aluminum alloy frame—finished in Black-T. That’s the same treatment used for Springfield 1911s made for the FBI’s SWAT and Hostage Rescue teams. Meanwhile, the frame’s frontstraps and mainspring housing are treated with a Posi-Lock golf ball dimple texturing. The pistol also includes thin-line G-10 panels with the same texturing. An ambi thumb safety means this model is southpaw-friendly, too.

MSRP for the Springfield EMP 4-inch Concealed Carry Contour pistol in .40 S&W is $1,220.

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