Utah-based holster manufacturer StealthGearUSA has rolled out two new options for concealed carriers: the SG-Scorpion and SG-Scorpion+.

Built to minimize printing for each gun model being carried, the standout feature of these AIWB holsters is an integral claw that enhances concealment for your pistol. In the press release, the company says the claw placement has been “fine-tuned” for each model to guarantee a perfect combat grip on every draw.

To boost balance and stability, the SG-Scorpion is equipped with a single wide clip centered on the shell and in line with the claw. The holster is mounted on StealthGearUSA’s proprietary Ventcore platform technology, resulting in great concealment in a holster design where all parts combine to give you a comfortable, concealable EDC solution in the appendix position.

The Scorpion+ has the same features as the Scorpion, but with the addition of a built-in mag carrier.

Both new holsters can accommodate the Glock 43, 19, 26 and 17, S&W Shield, Sig Sauer P938 and P320 Compact, Springfield XDS 3.3″ 9mm/.40, and the Walther PPS M2. The company says the following models are on deck for the coming weeks: HK P30SK, HK VP9SK, Glock 43 with TLR-6, Sig Sauer P238, Sig Sauer P229 with Rail, S&W M&P Compact, and S&W Shield .45.

StealthGearUSA’s SG-Scorpion is available for $87.20, while the SG-Scorpion+ can be purchased for $119.20.

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