A “right-to-carry” bill that would allow Wisconsin gun owners to conceal carry without a permit or training is headed to the state Senate for a vote.

The Wisconsin Senate Judiciary and Public Safety Committee passed the measure Tuesday with a 3-2 vote. That vote followed followed party lines, with the three approvals coming from Republicans, according to the Associated Press.

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Senate Bill 169 states:

Current law generally prohibits an individual from carrying a concealed weapon unless the individual has a license to carry a concealed weapon that is issued by the Department of Justice or unless the individual has a law enforcement identification card indicating that he or she is a qualified current or former law enforcement officer. This bill eliminates the general prohibition against going armed with a concealed weapon without regard to licensure status.

There are additional allowances under the bill to go along with concealed carry permits. The bill would alter the current conditions of concealed carry law centered around carrying on school grounds, according to the Associated Press:

The proposal also would allow for the carrying of concealed firearms in — or within 5 feet of — a vehicle on school property. Concealed weapons could be brought onto school grounds when there are no classes or activities happening at the school. Only licensed concealed weapons holders could bring them onto school grounds under these terms.

Additionally, the bill would allow anyone to carry a Taser, which currently can only be carried by those with a concealed carry permit.

If passed by the state Senate, the bill would land on the desk of  Gov. Scott Walker for his signature. However, it is undetermined whether or not Walker would sign the bill into law.

The Associated Press reports that Walker “has said he was comfortable with the current system requiring permits to carry concealed weapons.” There has been no word from Walker as to whether or not he will sign the “Right-to-Carry” bill.

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