Operating subcompact pistols can be difficult. Obviously, the word “subcompact” means these pistols are small, and even for a shooter like me with average-sized hands, running a small pistol can be tough. Then there are the tiny Sig Sauer pistols.

Sig Sauer doesn’t just shrink the footprint of a pistol. It also makes sure you can operate the controls, manipulate the trigger and use the sights. Tiny controls and tiny sights are a liability. Not being able to get at the magazine release or lock the slide back easily can lead to serious issues.

Practice drawing your concealed-carry gun from deep cover—you know, from under your shirt with the tail tucked in. After grabbing a handful of shirt with your support hand and grasping your weapon with your firing hand, you know guns with radiused edges and smooth surfaces are assets. That’s why Sig offers its “Sig Anti-Snag,” or SAS, treatment on many of its pistols, including its subcompacts. It knocks the edges off the pistol—edges that can attach to clothing and impede a draw from deep cover.

The features I like best about subcompact Sig Sauer pistols are the sights. Sig doesn’t skimp on them. They are large and put you in charge. Sig chooses sights that make it feel like you’re aiming a full-sized pistol. Some subcompacts have tiny sights that, in some cases, are pretty useless.

Caliber options for subcompacts run the spectrum from .380 ACP to .45 ACP. Do the math. Small, lightweight pistols tend to increase felt recoil. I found that a caliber you can shoot comfortably in a full-sized gun can be uncomfortable to shoot in a subcompact. Some design features can make a small pistol have less felt recoil while making it seem like a full-sized pistol. That’s why Sig designs extended magazines and extended beavertails that really help you control the pistol.

With all of that in mind, here are a few tiny Sig Sauer pistols that are easy to conceal without losing an ounce of shootability.

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