DoubleStar Halcon-X karambit
(Photo by DoubleStar)

With another NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers) expo in the books, it’s time to sift through some of the products that were introduced there. One that caught our eye is the Halcon-X ‘Non-Traditional Karambit’ from DoubleStar.

Developed by Robert Cabrera, the man who heads up the DoubleStar’s Edged Weapons lineup, the Halcon-X features a Nitro-V stainless steel, tumble-finished blade with a thickness of .187 inches, edge length of 5.75 inches and weight of 4.8 ounces. The Halcon-X also includes a black, coarse-textured G10 handle that measures 3.75 inches in length. The ring on this karambit, meanwhile, is one inch in diameter.

According to the press release, the Halcon-X is usable in any CQC (close quarter combat) or combative system due to its “traditional and progressive physical attributes.” More on the Karambit below:

In the pantheon of Indonesian, Malaysian and Filipino style knives, there are many called Karambit, but only one called the Halcon-X. The Karambit was originally used as an agricultural implement designed to rake roots and plant rice. The blade became more curved to maximize cutting potential as it became weaponized. It was embraced as a last resort weapon among Indonesian soldiers when their other weapons were lost in battle and as a self-defense tool for women, who would often tie the Karambit into their hair. Today, the blade is commonly used in Filipino martial arts and is one of the main weapons of silat, which is a collective word for a class of indigenous martial arts from a geo-cultural area of Southeast Asia.

Designed to optimize striking angles and cutting positions in military and self defense situations, the Halcon-X sports an overall length of 6.75 inches. It ships out with a .187-inch thick Boltron sheath. The overall weight of the rig is 8.2 ounces.

The MSRP on the Halcon-X, while will be available for purchase in 2018, is $259.99.

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