Though it hasn’t been officially announced, Florida-based FightLite Industries has been teasing its latest creation—the Raider pistol—all over Instagram over the past week, and it’s definitely caught our attention.

There’s not a whole heck of a lot in the way of details about the FightLite Raider right now, but this is what we know so far: it’s available in both 5.56mm NATO and .300 BLK, the barrel length is 7.25 inches, it accepts standard GI type detachable magazines, it weighs in at 3.9 pounds and the overall length is 20.25 inches.

Interested? We sure are. Here’s what FightLite says about the Raider pistol in yet another IG post:

The Raider successfully bridges the capability gap between a common handgun and an individual battle carbine, delivering accurate overmatch performance compared to common pistol-caliber handguns and shotguns at extended shooting distances.

The MSRP for the FightLite Raider is $865. In the comments section on one of its Instagram posts, the company says it expects to begin shipments on Nov. 1, though again, nothing has been confirmed.

In another Instagram post, FightLite also says you can “build your own flavor” of the FightLite Raider by using the company’s lower assembly and supplied BCA, but with your pistol upper. The MSRP on the FightLite Raider lower is $575.

We’ll provide more as soon as it’s available, which should be soon, as the company is currently showing the Raider off at the 2017 NASGW (National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers) Expo & Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

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