Lyman just introduced the GuardianGrip, a nifty new grip under its Pachmayr brand that is sure to appeal to concealed carriers who want the shooting control offered by a full-size grip.

The Pachmayr GuardianGrip works by squeezing the button at the front of the grip, which releases a spring-loaded finger extension at the bottom and converts what started out as a two-finger compact grip into a three-finger grip. The grip is made from high-strength polymers and is built to withstand moisture, weather and chemicals. The grip also sports an open backstrap for enhanced concealability, as well as textured panels for a positive grip. Touted in the press release as being “snag-free and comfortable,” the grip also allows for the use of speed loaders.

“The GuardianGrip is the answer for every person that carries concealed yet feels a compact grip does not give them the control they need, whether it is during target shooting or if an actual self-defense scenario arose,” Trevor Mullen, Lyman’s VP of Global Marketing and Business Development, said. “The GuardianGrip adds that level of confidence for the owner of a compact conceal firearm, just by providing them with a positive full-size grip.”

Right now, the GuardianGrip is available for Smith & Wesson J-Frames and Ruger LCR revolvers, but the plan is to expand the line to include many of the most popular concealed carry pistols.

The MSRP on the Pachmayr GuardianGrip is $49.98.

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