Radians has unveiled the R3700 Bluetooth Quad Mic, the latest addition to its R-series hearing protection lineup.

An electronic earmuff that sports a NRR24 rating, the Radians R3700 Bluetooth Quad Mic amplifies low level sounds to better enable hunters and shooters to hear their surroundings in the field, or hear safety officers at the range. The R-series, which these new muffs fall under, compresses noises like muzzle discharge that exceed safe levels of hearing.

As the name would suggest, the Radians R3700 Bluetooth Quad Mic is bluetooth-capable with most smart devices, meaning you can stream music or podcasts. Meanwhile, four mics on the front and back on each cup monitor sound from all directions, helping the user discern where sound is coming from. The headband is padded, adjustable and offers a comfortable fit.

The R3700 comes with an LED “on” indicator light so you won’t use up your battery. The LED shows green to indicate “on” and turns to blue when the muffs are paired with a Bluetooth device. The unit runs on two AAA batteries.

The Radians R3700 Bluetooth Quad Mic is available at a suggested retail price of $129.

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