The double-action revolver has a long, honorable history of protecting innocent people from evil in America. Some of that, of course, was earned by police officers wielding service revolvers in defense of society. However, much of it—and proportionally more now than ever—is a history of revolvers preserving innocent lives when wielded by ordinary, law-abiding men and women.

For example, years ago, I debriefed Helen Weathers, the survivor of an armed rape attempt. A thug had put a .25 ACP pistol to her head with one hand, grabbed her with the other and dragged her into the bushes near the darkened office building she had just left. With her free hand, she grabbed an heirloom Smith & Wesson Model 29 revolver from her purse and promptly pumped a couple of 240-grain .44 Magnum hollow points into him, bringing the encounter to a satisfactory conclusion. Her use of deadly force against the attacker was quickly ruled to have been justified by authorities.

Scroll through the gallery above to learn about nine different cases where armed citizens from all walks of life used a revolver to turn the tables on violent criminals.


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