SB Tactical has introduced two new accessories designed for the PDW pistol market. Both offerings—the SB-MAG20 and SB-SAC—offer quick access to vital components during high-pressure situations.

Touted in the press release as being an ideal transport and storage accessory for AR magazines and braced PDW pistols, the SB-MAG20 is a magazine pouch that mounts inside a majority of SB Tactical’s AR braces, including the SBM4, SOB, and SB15. It differs from other AR mag pouches in that it fits 5.56 aluminum GI, Magpul PMAG, and Lancer L5AWM without the need for different pouches. Included with the SB-MAG20 is a one-inch Velcro replacement strap for braces—the SBX and SBX-K—that feature a one and a half-inch strap. Available in both black and flat dark earth, the SB-MAG20 is priced at $39.95.

The result of a collaboration with Grey Ghost Gear, the SB-SAC soft pouch is made of Hypalon, which is a synthetic rubber used to make Zodiac inflatable boats. It’s sized to accept a C-A-T tourniquet or similar sized items—such as a smaller tourniquet, med supplies or cleaning kit—and works with most of SB Tactical’s pistol stabilizing braces. The SB-SAC can be mounted inside or outside the brace for transport and storage. It features YKK zippers to give you fast access to contents, and it’s water, chemical, UV and corrosion resistant. It’s also compatible with braces that have a one-inch and one-and-a-half-inch strap. Like the SB-MAG20, the SB-SAC is available in black and flat dark earth, but it’s a little more expensive at $44.95.

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