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The holster market is relatively crowded — and rightfully so. There are endless options of handguns for endless types of shooters. It’s nice to have a buffet of options. It’s also nice to have one holster manufacturer that can do it all. Enter Vedder Holsters.

Vedder Holsters Foundation

Launched in 2012, Vedder Holsters is a family-owned company based out of Florida. The holster manufacturer prides itself on comfort and has quickly made a name for itself.

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A standard question from handgun owners and concealed carriers is, “what holster fit is best for me?” Well, that answer is different for every shooter. The key is testing out a few options and finding one you’re comfortable with. Vedder has the aforementioned “buffet of options” to make handgun owners’ lives easier.

The beautiful thing? Vedder has a 30-day risk-free trial.

Scroll through the gallery above and check out six different options you probably want to consider from Vedder Holsters.

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