Started in 1990 by Mike Noel, a retired U.S. Navy SEAL, Blackhawk became a leader in the tactical equipment market. In 2010, ATK — now Vista Outdoor — purchased Blackhawk. Since that time, Blackhawk’s market share, along with the number of products, has expanded tremendously. Those products include Blackhawk suppressors, which enter a crowded and competitive market.

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In October of 2017, Athlon Outdoors hosted its first-ever Rendezvous at the gorgeous Gateway Canyon Resort in Gateway, Colo. Over the course of three days, the event brought together some 15 contributors with dozens industry partners. The Rendezvous proved to be a huge success for everyone that participated and set a new standard for industry events. It was there I got my hands on a number of Blackhawk suppressors.

Vic Ziliani was Blackhawk’s representative at the Rendezvous and gave me a complete rundown of Blackhawk’s suppressors.

Blackhawk Pulse (.22LR)

The Pulse is a rimfire suppressor rated for .22LR in full auto, .17 HMR, .22 WRM, and .22 Hornet.

With an overall length of 6 inches, a diameter of 1.02 inches, and weighing 5.3 ounces, the Pulse 22 is a class leader. According to company test data, the Pulse metered 114 dB.

I had an opportunity to shoot the Pulse on a Savage B22 bolt gun. The Pulse was one of the quietest .22LR suppressors I have shot. The ringing of the 50-yard steel was louder than the sound of the shot.

MSRP for the Pulse is $389.95.

Blackhawk Barrage (5.56mm)

The Barrage is 6.5 inches in length, 1.49 inches in diameter, and weighs 12.6 ounces. Manufactured from Stellite, stainless steel, and aircraft grade aluminum, the Barrage is both light and durable.

According to the Blackhawk website, the Barrage reduces the sound signature of 5.56mm to under 136 dB. The Barrage features a QD mounting system and Blackhawk’s limited lifetime warranty.

We ran the Barrage on the Savage MSR-15 Recon with good results. As is typical with range days, the majority of the guns on the line were not suppressed. However, between relays, I was able to get a few rounds off without wearing ear protection. The Barrage sounded good to the ear as I owned the 300-yard steel plates.

MSRP for the Barrage is $699.95.

Blackhawk Gas Can (7.62mm)

The Gas Can is a 7.62mm suppressor. Rated for calibers up to .300 Winchester Magnum, it is one of the big boys in the Blackhawk lineup.

The Gas Can is only 6.3 inches in length, making it one of the shortest .30 caliber suppressors on the market. The diameter comes in at 1.62 inches. The Gas Can weighs in at 13.2 ounces and is available with either a direct thread or QD mount. According to the website, the Gas Can reduces the sound signature of a 7.62mm to 136 dB.

We ran the Gas Can on a Savage MSR-10 and enjoyed banging steel out to 400 yards with no issues.

MSRP for the Gas Can is $1,049.95.

Other Blackhawk Suppressors

While not on display at the Athlon Outdoor Rendezvous, Blackhawk also offers the Smoke Stack, a .45 ACP suppressor, and the Mini Boss, which is designed for 9mm and 300 Blackout.

The Smoke Stack is 8.2 inches inches in length, 1.37 inches in diameter and weighs 10.1 ounces.

Blackhawk designed the Mini Boss to compete with other compact suppressors. It is 5.3 inches in length, 1.62 inches in diameter, and weighs 10.6 ounces.

Finally, Blackhawk offers the Carnivore for the .300 Winchester Magnum and the Wrath for chambering’s up to .338 Lapua Magnum.

According to the website, both the Carnivore and the Wrath reduce the sound signature of all calibers to well under the 140 dB rating.

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I enjoyed my first outing with Blackhawk suppressors and look forward to spending more time on the range with them.

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