After more than a year of development, Magnum Research is ready to bring its new TTS-22 suppressed .22LR barrel to market.

The TTS (Tactical Tensioned Suppressed)-22 barrel uses the space inside the outer tensioning tube, in addition to a monolithic baffle stack to suppress the noise. It features a BENZ chamber and tensioned hammer forged barrel liner. All the “guts” are hardcoat anodized, MRI says. The steel inside the TTS-22 barrel liner is 16.1 inches in length, ensuring there’s not an—in the company’s words—an “SBR event” when buying it. The diameter is .875 inches.

Weighing in at 1.1 pound, The TTS-22 is made for MRI’s semi-auto rifles, but it also works as an aftermarket barrel for all Ruger 10/22 non-takedown rifles. It’s field-serviceable and cleanable with no tools required, and easy care instructions are included with each rifle/barrel sold.

Speaking of rifles and barrels, a 20.5-inch TTS-22 barrel is installed on the MRI MLR22ATTTS22 rifle. It features a black anodized aluminum barrel shroud and ambidextrous black thumbhole stock. See the photos above. MSRP on that is $860. If you just want the barrel by itself, that’ll run you $399.

The Magnum Research TTS-22 will be available starting in early 2018.

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