West Virginia-based Midland Arms Company has launched a new line of single-shot firearms called the Midland Backpack.

Purpose-built for young shooters looking for a gun with which to plink, hunt, camp, hike and target shoot, the Midland Backpack shotgun is offered in five different configurations: a 20-gauge model with a 26-inch barrel; a .410-gauge option with an 18.5-inch barrel; and a 12-gauge version available with 18.5, 24 and 26-inch barrel options. The barrels are deep-hole drilled and are interchangeable, meaning they can be switched out for different gauges and calibers. They’re also threaded for interchangeable Beretta chokes, with a modified choke included. The company says centerfire and rimfire versions are in the pipeline.

According to the product listing, all Midland Backpack shotguns are made from forged steel receivers. The guns feature a removable buttpad to store a Midland survival kit (which isn’t included in this package). Meanwhile, also included are all-steel blued studs pre-installed for QD sling swivels; ambidextrous cheek piece; weatherproof synthetic stock checkered at the wrist and forend; positive trigger block safety; and a cocking indicator that IDs the gun’s status by sight and touch.

The break-open, single-shot Midland Backpack folds in half for storing or carrying in a duffle bag or backpack, hence the name.

“From shooting clay targets to bird hunting, to plinking cans to hunting deer, the interchangeability of barrels, buttstocks and sights will keep you shooting as you grow, no matter your age or shooting activity,” Midland says.

The MSRP on the Midland Backpack is $149.99.

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