The right to keep and bear arms is a freedom we treasure and enjoy. For those who want to exercise this right, it’s important to take the necessary steps to be a responsible gun owner. That might include carrying your weapon concealed. There are many reasons why someone might carry a concealed weapon, but you must decide how you’ll tote it. Deciding to carry concealed is a huge responsibility, and how you carry is a major part of that. There are two options for concealed carry: on-body or off-body. Carrying a concealed weapon on your body is obviously the most secure method, as the weapon never leaves your body. The off-body option means you stow the firearm in something that’s not a part of your body, so it requires additional considerations. If you choose off-body carry, please keep these seven considerations in the gallery above in mind.

This article is from the 2018 issue of “Concealed Carry Handguns” magazine. To order a copy, visit

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