Prevailing wisdom states that we should always pack at least one double-stack pistol when carrying concealed. That’s excellent advice, but it’s not easy to follow when the temperature and humidity are both above 90. Let’s face it, wearing vests and T-shirts with big bulges are dead giveaways in warm climates. Of course, a person can carry a double-stack pistol off-body, but going around with a sagging bag that’s big enough to contain a large rock is even less discreet. Either way, carrying in such an obvious manner tells a potential aggressor that you’re armed. This can be a deterrent, but it can also be interpreted as a challenge to grab your gun. So, what’s a person to do? My personal solution is to downsize the gun and casually dress around it. Carrying a pocket pistol as your primary defensive firearm trades firepower for stealth, so it’s not for everyone or every occasion. It does work for me under most circumstances here in Florida, however.

Scroll through the gallery above to learn about six must-know tips for using a pocket pistol as your primary carry gun.

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