The holidays. A time for sharing, a time for joy, and a time to stress out on what to get everyone on your gift list. But you can stop worrying. We’ve got you covered, especially when it comes to gifting something to that knife enthusiast you can never seem to figure out. Because how dare they not like the same recycled set of kitchen knives you saw advertised?

Here’s a list of five stocking stuffer blades that are sure to stir up some holiday cheer. Each one comes standard with unique features including blade metals, handle grip materials, and even special quillons. Don’t worry, we had to Google that one too.

Oh and did we mention these are all knives under $50? Tactical Santa would be proud.

For more information about the knives under $50 featured in the gallery above, please visit the following sites.

Buck Knives Trigger Knife

Cold Steel Counter TAC 2

CRKT Bear Claw E.R.

Gerber Obsidian – Serrated Folding Knife

Steel Will Druid 281

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