There are plenty of tuckable IWB holsters for concealed carry out there in today’s marketplace. In addition to the “big name” brands we all know, many smaller specialty holster makers are turning out some extremely innovative, expertly crafted designs. Here are just a few examples of what’s out there and some thoughts on each.


Blade-Tech’s broad spectrum of high-quality holster choices includes several tuckable models, but one of the most unique is the Klipt. This precision-molded holster includes two tension adjustment screws that allow the low-profile plastic clip to be attached to either side of the holster, making it completely ambidextrous. (


CrossBreed Holsters pioneered the concept of using a wide leather platform with a molded Kydex holster body to create a supremely comfortable hybrid. The company’s original SuperTuck still sets the standard for this style of holster and offers multiple height settings for easy adjustment of both cant and depth of carry. (


DeSantis started it all by introducing the first tuckable holster back in the 1970s. Today its product line includes a dizzying selection of tuckable designs as well as tuckable mag pouches and aftermarket clips to suit every need. The affordable Tuck-This II is crafted from ballistic nylon and features a molded J-clip that attaches at a single point to allow unlimited angular adjustment. The clip is also height adjustable and reversible for ambidextrous carry, and the holster includes an onboard elastic mag pouch. (


A longstanding leader in the holster industry, Galco offers a number of tuckable designs. The affordable Tuck-N-Go combines lightweight suede construction, a steel-reinforced mouth for easy reholstering and an extremely discreet J-hook clip. (


Individually handcrafted in its shop in central Florida, Vedder’s Light Tuck holsters feature sturdy spring-steel clips that are both angle and height adjustable, making them easier to fine-tune to your exact carry preferences. The molding and fit of Vedder’s Kydex work is outstanding, and the company wisely offer clips for both 1.5- and 1.75-inch belts. (

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