Just because you’re in a wheelchair, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get involved in shooting competitions or carrying for self defense. That’s the thinking behind the new Wheelchair Holster from Comp-Tac Victory Gear.

The Wheelchair Holster system combines Comp-Tac’s International Holster with a hex screw mount. This allows it to be attached to a wheelchair via two firm gripping clamp mounts that are adjustable to different chair frame bar diameters. The holster sports an all-Kydex body, offering a rigid material that is custom fit to each gun and maintains its shape even when the gun is un-holstered.

Although initially designed for use on a wheelchair, the holster can also be mounted on things like bicycles, motorcycles and ATVs. “The possibilities are endless,” Comp-Tac says on the product page.

Meanwhile, the holster system can accommodate a ton of firearms from the biggest names in town, including Glock, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Heckler & Koch, Beretta, Walther, FN, Ruger, Colt and many others.

“This wheelchair holster mount combined with Comp-Tac’s International holster fills a real void for wheelchair bound shooters to get out and have some fun in competition or for self-defense use. This wheelchair system is affordable and designed for very easy assembly and adjustment,” Randi Rogers, champion shooter and Comp-Tac’s Sales and marketing manager, said in a statement.

Shipping complete with the holster and clamping assembly, the holster is designed for left- and right-handed shooter, and is available in black, red, pink, purple, blue and flat dark earth. It’s listed at $99.99.

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