kentucky home invasion

A Kentucky man earned a trip to the morgue after he tried to break into his ex-wife’s home during an attempted home invasion last weekend.

CBS affiliate WKYT says 57-year-old Marcellus Custard arrived at the house in Cynthiana, Harrison County, Ky. on Sunday night and proceeded to smash the glass out of the front door. He then reached in and tried to unlock the door.

Custard’s ex-wife, Jacki Hess, and her boyfriend were inside the home at the time of the break-in. Both repeatedly told Custard to stop. He ignored their warnings, and that’s when Hess’ boyfriend opened fire. Hess says Custard kept coming, prompting her boyfriend to fire more rounds in self defense.

Custard then moved away from the door and died in the backyard.

Hess told WKYT she and Custard were married until the mid-2000s and had an on-again, off-again relationship after their marriage ended, but it’s been completely over for a while. She said her and her boyfriend had been subjected to threatening calls and texts from Custard. Eventually she had to obtain an emergency protective order against him. He’d also spent a week in jail for an “outburst” in court.

The investigation into the shooting continues, but neither Hess nor her boyfriend have been arrested or charged thus far.

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