A couple of months after releasing the GL Enhanced Mag Well for Glock 17 Gen4s, Magpul has confirmed that the GL Enhanced is now shipping for the Gen3 and Gen4 Glock 19.

Built to assist with positive magazine insertion in situations when you need it the most, the Magpul GL Enhanced Mag Well sports a sleek and ergonomic design with a large ramp area for easier reloading; external dimensions that ensure minimal printing for concealed carriers; and a reinforced polymer construction.

Designed to fit Gen3 versions of the G19, G23, G32 and G38 along with Gen4 versions of the G19, G23 and G32, the GL Enhanced Mag Well is compatible with a majority of common after-market magazine extensions, and it also works with Magpul, OEM and most aftermarket magazine floor plates.

Magpul also says its GL Enhanced Mag Well is “optimized for the designated generations of Glock pistols to fit with PMAG GL9 magazines and current generations of Glock factory magazines with factory baseplates. Some combinations of certain pistol production lots may have slight interference with older (greater than 10 years old) generations of Glock factory magazines, and some aftermarket baseplates may not fit.”

Meanwhile, the mag well for the Gen4 model isn’t compatible out of the box with optional Glock modular back straps. “While end user modification is minor and may be attempted, it is taken at own risk,” Magpul says.

MSRP: $24.95.

For more information, visit, and check out the video below.

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