It’s always a thrill to meet a celebrity, but when you’re a criminal and that celebrity happens to be shooting at you after you try to break into his home, well, let’s just say the thrill is gone. And that’s exactly what happened three men tried to break into the home of former NASCAR racer and current team owner and hall of famer Richard Childress.

According to ESPN, 72-year-old Childress was upstairs at his North Carolina home with his wife on the night of Dec. 17 when they heard glass breaking at around 10:30 p.m. The Winston-Salem Journal reports that the intruders broke into Childress’ home by smashing a window next to a doorknob, which triggered the home alarm.

Upon hearing the noise, Childress grabbed his handgun, went downstairs and encountered three people who were armed and whose faces were mostly covered. Childress opened fire on the intruders, and all three fled from the scene. Childress and his wife were uninjured.

Sheriff David Grice of the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office said there’s no indication that any of the suspects were shot, but evidence has been recovered from the scene which will be tested for DNA.

The sheriff’s office said the intruders were armed with two long guns and a handgun.

Childress, who currently serves as First Vice President of the NRA, told Sheriff Grice that “the only reason he and his wife were here today was because of God and the Second Amendment.”

A $50,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the capture of the three suspects. The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office has released surveillance images of the intruders outside the home which can be seen above.

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